Stuff I want to share: May-June 2018

Greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Below are some updates and events I want to share...and, at the end, your horoscope!



Inspirational Quote:
“To live and operate in the world, you may have to identify with something. Play with your identifications – don't let them rule you.”

Significant development:
The first US municipal water installation of the IOREX water pipe technology was done earlier this year, with two devices installed on the public water system of Pocomoke City, Maryland as part of a pilot project with the city government. This was an area that had coped with 40+ years of discolored/rusty water, including high iron and strong odor. In 15 days there was a drastic improvement in the water clarity. Now less than three months since installation, not only is the water cleared but residents are experiencing a marked difference in taste and smell. Water testing by the city public works department as well as the Maryland Department of Environment show bacteria levels reduced to non-detectable, and iron levels decreasing as well. The local ABC station covered the installation, and did a follow up story about residents’ relief at the improved water quality.

Why is this important? Because water is our most vital resource. And because our current methods of dealing with the aging water infrastructure in this country are not working. They are outmoded, often using chemicals or controversial pipe linings, and require extensive labor and often unaffordable price tags, thus leaving many communities to 'bandaid' ongoing issues without ever addressing the root cause of the problem.
I am excited to be Head of Development for, and help in launching IOREX USA alongside my friend and CEO Julie Koo. We have been working hard for over a year to introduce a much-needed, innovative and proven technology for water infrastructure in the United States and North America. This is a device that has been widely used for over 20 years in South Korea where it was developed, as well as other countries in Asia, but had not been available here in the States, until now.
Since IOREX USA launched, the device has been installed in buildings across multiple US states - from Texas to Florida to Pennsylvania to New York, as well as a small community in Canada. It is an energy-neutral, chemical-free technology that prevents corrosion and deterioration of water pipes, as well as kills bacteria and eliminates build up and issues associated with hard water. Most exciting to me is the number of issues that it addresses, the fact that it requires no maintenance after installation, and that it is a near-permanent solution (we know it is effective for at least 20 years)!

The big goal: that this will save municipalities across the country from the high costs and disruptions of public water pipe replacement, as well as keep water - and people - safe from the potential dangers of aging or neglected infrastructure without the use of chemicals or wasted public funds.

If you are aware of a community that could benefit, please send me an email. You can visit for more information.

DANA TAI SOON BURGESS will be awarded the 2018 Paul Ré Peace Prize by the University of New Mexico Foundation for bridging communities around the globe through choreography.

We are currently here in Dana's hometown of Santa Fe and heading to Albuquerque tomorrow, May 24th, where Dana will receive the prestigious award, which traditionally acknowledges those who can bridge the arts and sciences to promote peace. 

From the UNM News Desk:

"The winner of the 2018 Peace Prize in the general category will be Dana Tai Soon Burgess for his work as an acclaimed choreographer, performance artist, and cultural figure.
Burgess promotes peace and harmony through his art form of dance and his beautiful, innovative choreography. For 25 years, he has worked on projects across the globe as a teacher and a performer engaging audiences and forming friendships around the world. He believes that finding connections between cultures and artists is a key to peace and diplomacy."


Now in its fifth season, the nonprofit FABUM continues with its mission to engage and connect individuals and communities around unique forms of self-expression. As founding artistic director, I am excited for new iterations the organization may have in the near future. Below are two unique, upcoming performance events:
Le Salon: 3 Short Plays in May
Thursday, May 31, 2018
7:30 PM  9:00 PM
Arts Club of Washington
2017 I (Eye) Street, NW, Washington, D.C., the former James Monroe House.
Three 10-minute plays in an immersive ‘Salon’ format with hors d’hoeuvres and libations. Michelle Washington, founder of MMQ, will direct three 10-minute plays: The Story of Our Lives by Madeleine Butler; A Rustle of Wings by Linda Einstein; and Escaping the Funhouse by Tess Light. Guests will be greeted with libations and hors d’oeuvres. ‘Refilling breaks' between each play will allow mingling and the opportunity to enjoy the original work of local and international artists on display throughout the Arts Club.

Yours truly will be playing a part in Tess Light's play. :)
More info and ticket link here.

19: A Musical About Women Winning the Right to Vote
Saturday, June 9, 2018
7:00 PM  9:00 PM
The Arts Club of Washington
This is an extraordinary work and effort in progress. It is a privilege to be able to present 19, written and directed by Jennifer Schwed and Doug Bradshaw, with music composed by Charlie Barnett on June 9th.

19 is the dynamic and little-known story of Alice Paul, the suffragists and their fight to get women the right to vote— the 19th Amendment. The inspirational story of these fearless women is brought to life through jazz, spoken word, dance and audience interaction. June 9th at the Arts Club of Washington, the newly revised Act I, including all 19 songs with piano accompaniment, will be presented! Don't miss this unique opportunity to see how "the musical sausage is made." Witness the creative process and be a part of something truly extraordinary!

(This is a “staged reading” workshop. There will also be a Q&A with the creators after the performance!)
More info and ticket link here.


If you have not already, get your tickets now for “Portraits” at the Kennedy Center!

Do not miss this opportunity to experience something beautiful, truly special, and relevant for the field of modern dance! 

Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company made history recently as the Smithsonian Institution's first dance company in residence, creating dynamic dance works from exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery.
On Friday, June 15th and Saturday, June 16th at the Kennedy Center, the company presents three new dances created at the National Portrait Gallery during Dana's residency as the Smithsonian Institution's first official choreographer.
The dances, I am Vertical (inspired by the Sylvia Plath: One Life exhibit), After 1001 Nights (inspired by the Faces of Battle: 9/11 to Now exhibition), and Confluence (inspired by an image from the “Dancing the Dream” exhibition, the first exhibition of American modern dance) exemplify Burgess's sublime choreography which poetically delves into the emotional terrain of our shared humanity.
There have been some wonderful articles and interviews surrounding this residency which expand on the groundbreaking artistic journey it is. Here is a head start to some online.
Tickets available through the Kennedy Center.

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