Jameson Freeman is an artist, yoga student, advocate, and creative entrepreneur. He is founder of FABUM Inc., a nonprofit arts and immersive performance organization, and has helped develop two technology startups.

He has written, produced and directed several theatrical works and has performed in diverse productions and venues in Washington, DC, New York City and Philadelphia. He serves on the Board of Governors of the Arts Club of Washington, where he chairs the organization's Drama and Programs Committees.

As part of the CETAB (Cleaner Environment Through Accountability in Bankruptcy) advocacy campaign, Freeman lobbied Congress in 2010 to amend the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to prevent corporate clean up costs (such as from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill) being passed on to U.S. tax payers. 

He is co-founding organizer for the Diplomats of Dance Society, which supports the cultural diplomacy of Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company. A classical ballet dancer growing up, Freeman and his husband, choreographer Dana Tai Soon Burgess, established a fund to nurture dance education at the University of New Mexico. 

Freeman hosts free weekly restorative yoga class, and organizes or hosts other meditation, mindfulness and yoga practice (from nature baths to Tibetan singing bowls) in the Washington, DC metro area.